Allan is an experienced family law lawyer. He has dealt with a wide range of family law matters including cohabitation agreements, prenuptial or marriage contracts, separation agreements, divorces, division of property, spousal support, custody and access, and child support issues. Family breakdowns are not usually happy times in a person’s life and Allan is sensitive to that and cares about his clients’ personal wellbeing.  There is more to a family breakdown than the legal issues. Allan has a great deal of experience representing clients in Court with respect to a wide variety of family law issues. He has the experience and knowledge to assert and fight for your rights. Having said that, Allan’s approach Is to attempt to settle matters out of Court as expeditiously and cost effectively as possible by negotiated agreement.  One of Canada’s most famous courtroom lawyers once said:  “Good lawyers don’t win in Court, they keep their clients out of Court.”  That isn’t always possible but that is Allan’s approach.  If you simply want to fight with your ex and are looking for an attack dog lawyer, don’t call Allan.  Otherwise, call him and you’ll be satisfied.

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